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Welcome to the City of Rivers!

In One Night in Kawami, you play Max, who is about to meet an online acquaintance for the first time: Tanya. She will be your friendly guide in this metropolis where tradition and technology converge - but other than checking the sights, are there other reasons for this meetup? Only one way to find out...

It's Your First Time In the Big City; Make It Count

You will get a first look at a longer story in this short visual novel penned by Jigu (Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising, A Match Made in Limbo). This fifteen-minute tale offers slightly different outcomes on the final stretch.

(Feel free to save and load it before pressing the button. Once you get there, you will know.)

Original Visuals by Brazilian Artists

Featuring character art by SlowPumpkins and backgrounds by Nanda Doti, get ready to meet Kawami's coolest citizens... and some other guy, apparently?

Dunking on Annoying Wannabes

No one knows who he is or cares. Every city has one of those, I guess.

Distorted Guitars!

If you are as into indie & alternative rock as we are, put on your phones for this. One Night in Kawami features a curated soundtrack to explore the City of Rivers' nightlife.

About One Night in Kawami

This is BNW's first foray into in-house development and self-publishing. It is an expanded and improved remake of Out of Phase Synchronicity, an interactive fiction text adventure Jigu submitted to IntroComp 2020.

Even Though The Game is Free...

If you've donated US$ 5 or more, you're eligible for a special download: the SUPERFAN PACK!, a 13-page-long digital artbook featuring interesting trivia, tidbits and curiosities about the humble beginnings of One Night in Kawami... and a glimpse into some of its possible futures.


Publisher: Brand New Whatever

Game Story & Programming: Jigu

Character Art: SlowPumpkins

Background Art: Nanda Doti

Casting Director: Aaron Moy

Also includes artwork via CreativeCommons.org, CC BY 2.0): 

Creativity103's "wavelength trace purple", "colour light painting" and "light wavelength lines

Raven Vasquez's "Galaxy NGC 60"


Jonna-Lynn Alonso is Tanya

Dashawn Ricks is Gilbert

Aaron Moy is Mohawkadour

Vanessa Benoit is Inga

SOUNDTRACK (via freemusicarchive.com, CC BY 4.0)

  • "Mockingbird (Instrumental)", David Mumford
  • "Struck Down With Love", Squire Tuck
  • "Bozo", Evan Schaeffer
  • "Super Bubbly", Jesse Spillane
  • "Cold War Echo", Kai Engel
  • "Dream" (sample), Wild Shores
  • "Burn Your Lovely Town", Rozkol
  • "Just a Blip", Andy G. Cohen

BNW's Intro Tune: "Echo Chromatic Riser", SuburbanWizard (via freesound.org, CC0)


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Hey this was cool! Felt really short, but that's of course a good thing :) I hope you get to make the full game!

Hey Arto! Thanks for the kind words, glad you liked the game - and I'm certain this isn't the last you'll hear of Kawami. <3


Looks cool. Any mac version on the way ?

Hey there Norman! Thanks. I've uploaded a Mac build for v1.01, though I don't have the means to test it. I mean, I've tried it once on a work computer that isn't mine, which isn't ideal. Can you download it and give it a try?


It works perfectly ! Well done that's great :-)

Phew, that's a relief! Thank you for testing it out - and I hope you enjoy the ride. :)


Yeah that was really cool ! Characters are really well written and the story is original. Bravo :-)


nice novel

Thank you! Glad you liked it. :)