Welcome to Zuckered: a Behind the Scenes Story!

This is a comedic adventure teaser for fans of cinema, noir films and oddball humor. Set in Saint Eris - a city that forgives no one - you will play as Merle Zuckerman, a hardened but hopeful private investigator. 

 Zucker's current case deals with finding out evidence on Dr. Feelbetter, a mysterious chemist and second-in-command for Sobek "The Crocodile" Jones' speakeasy operations.

Zucker is not alone on his quest: from a witty femme fatale to contacts in the press, this detective is so close to cracking the case he can smell it.

© Brand New Whatever, 2020

StatusIn development
Release date May 09, 2020
AuthorBrand New Whatever
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
Made withTwine
TagsComedy, Crime, Detective, Noir
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

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